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It is officially spring, and spring break is just around the corner. It is important anytime you are traveling to plan ahead and take the proper safety precautions. One of the best ways to ensure you have a fun and safe trip is to review important safety tips with your family and friends before traveling. Here are the best spring break safety tips to review:

  • Make a Plan for the Road Trip: Anytime you are traveling a long distance in the car, it is important to take multiple breaks, not only to refill on gas, but also to allow the driver to take a break. If possible, take turns driving with other people you are traveling with, so one person does not get tired. Additionally, the driver should always stay free of distractions- it is best to have your passenger or co-pilot answer phone calls, text messages, and keep track of the GPS while the driver stays focused. Most accidents happen during busy travel times throughout the year, so it is important to stay focused on safety even while traveling to and from your destination.
  • Review Safety Tips with Children: If you are traveling with children to a crowded area, such as a beach, it is important to review with them the importance of staying together and not talking to strangers. Keeping them aware of these dangers is the best way to avoid having any problems. Additionally, it is important to keep kids safe around water, whether it is at the beach or the pool. Water safety is very important, and while there may be a lifeguard on duty, it is always best to have your children wear appropriate floatation devices and watch them to avoid any risks or accidents.

Keep in mind these important safety tips as you head out for a great spring break vacation. If you’re traveling with a group other than just your own family, share these tips with them to ensure a safe, relaxing, and fun vacation for everyone.

Where are you traveling to for spring break this year? Share your vacation destinations with us in the comments below.

Happy Spring Break from Kaiman & Crahan!

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