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The holiday season is upon us, and that means plenty of guests in your home. What’s more, the holidays typically bring with them less than ideal weather.

Here are some helpful tips to protect you (and your guests!) from unwanted injuries that may occur over the holiday season.

  • Encourage guests to wipe the moisture off of their feet as they enter your home.
    • Place a non-skid rug by the door to promote this.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions or obstacles (i.e. toys, newspapers and other things) on your stairs.
  • If something spills, make sure to clean it promptly.
  • Double check to make sure your area rugs have non-skid backing on them.
  • Fix tears or bulges in carpets.
  • Don’t allow electrical cords to cross walking areas.
  • Alert guests to uneven areas in the floor.
  • Fix any broken steps or handrails.
  • Keep driveways, steps and sidewalks clear of snow and ice. Spread salt on ice if you can’t clear it from steps and sidewalks and alert guests of these potential hazards.

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