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If you are in Louisville, KY then you should be aware that LMPD is currently not responding to car accidents due to the coronavirus, and that includes hit and run instances. This is a problem because if you are in an accident that is not your fault, you won’t be able to obtain a police report.

If you are involved in a car wreck through no fault of your own, we recommend the following:

1) First, if you are injured and need medical attention, call 911.  You can also call even if you don’t need medical attention.  Even though police aren’t going to come, the call itself will create a government record that you were in a crash.  If needed, your attorney can do a public records request for the recording.

2) If you are able, get out of your vehicle and take photographs of the other vehicle, especially the license plate. While you are at it take photos of damage to both vehicles.

3) Exchange information with the other driver, if possible.  The safest way to do this is to exchange phone numbers and take photos of each other’s insurance information.  Photos of license and registration can also be helpful.

4) Call an attorney as soon as possible.  Despite social distancing we can still use a variety of technology options to work your case.

5) Seek medical treatment for any injuries.  Doctors offices are still open.

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