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No one expects to be involved in a car wreck, let alone a head-on car collision, but accidents happen. Still, if you were not at fault, you are likely to receive compensation for your injuries and other damages.

The good thing is that you don’t have to face this alone. The top-rated auto accident attorneys at Kaiman & Crahan will give you the best chance for a fair and full settlement.

What is a Head-On Collision

A head-on collision occurs when two vehicles driving in the opposite direction strike each other. Driving into a stationary object such as a stop sign or street light is also considered a head-on collision.

Head-on collisions are less common than other types of collisions, but are often more fatal and cause more severe injuries.

Common Causes of Head-On Collisions

Sometimes it is simply a mechanical issue, like brake failure that causes the accident. Typically, a head-on collision is the result of one driver driving on the wrong side of the road, but there are multiple causes of a head-on collision, such as:

  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Improper passing

Determining Liability of a Head-On Collision

Here are some things to look for in an effort to determine fault for a head-on collision:

  • Duty of care is a legal obligation that an individual must uphold, such as operating a vehicle safely in a way that does not endanger others.
  • Breach of duty shows an individual has failed to fulfill their duty of driving safely. They may have been texting while driving, speeding, or failing to stay in the correct lane.
  • Causation means the victim has to prove the other person’s driving caused the collision.
  • Damages require you to calculate a monetary estimate of the injuries and suffering caused by the driver’s negligence.

Common Injuries After a Head-On Collision

Although head-on collisions aren’t as common as the other types of collisions, they often end with severe injuries, especially where one driver is traveling at an excessive speed. Here are common injuries we see:

  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Broken or fractured bones;
  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Internal organ damage;
  • Neck and back injuries;
  • Chest injuries;
  • Whiplash; and
  • Burns;

Need an Attorney After a Head-on Collision? Call Kaiman & Crahan.

Head-on collisions can alter your life forever, resulting in life-long injuries, pain and suffering, and loss of wages. Dealing with a car accident with another party can be complicated and difficult on top of managing your or your loved one’s injuries. Leave the hassle to the personal injury attorneys Kaiman & Crahan to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve. Call us today at (502) 771-0741 to schedule a consultation.

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