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The Halloween season is here, which means fall festivals, costumes, and lots of candy! While it is a season of family fun, it is also important to keep in mind certain safety precautions. To keep your kiddos safe this Halloween season, be sure to follow these simple safety tips.

1. Pumpkin carving guidelines: Pumpkin carving is generally one of the first activities in which most people partake during the Halloween season. Kids get excited about picking the best pumpkin, carving a great design, and displaying it proudly on their front porch.

While you should enjoy this festive time with your family, be sure to set some rules to ensure a safe carving experience. For example, if your kiddos are too young to handle sharp objects, opt for a pumpkin painting activity instead so they can still be involved.

2. Be cautious of costume choices: Be sure to check and make sure the costume is appropriate for your child’s age. Some costumes include loose parts or choking hazards that are dangerous for younger kids. If a costume includes a mask, be sure your child’s vision is not impaired in order to avoid a trip or fall.

3. Safety while trick-or-treating: Try and enjoy this activity while there is still plenty of visibility outside, though you can also pack a flashlight if you know it will be dark. Try and also walk alongside your child, especially if they are under the age of 12. Make suer you review sidewalk and street safety with your child to ensure they will not forgot important rules of traffic. Finally, try and plan your trick-or-treating route ahead of time. This will ensure your group can stay together and stay safe when walking house-to-house.

4. Examine your Halloween candy: Once trick-or-treating is over, inspect your child’s candy before you allow them to consume it. While it rarely happens and you may feel that you are in a safe neighborhood, there have been reports of tainted Halloween candy. It is best to not take the risk, and ensure candy is safe before your kids dig in.

Follow these simple tips to ensure a fun and safe Halloween for you and your family. Kaiman & Crahan wishes the Louisville area a Happy Halloween!

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