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Let’s face it, you take a risk every time you leave the house. The risk could be a small one, like tripping and falling in the grocery stores or they could be more catastrophic like getting into a car accident. When a construction worker leaves the house to go to work he is taking a calculated risk, on the job injuries can happen no matter what your profession. The risk of injury increases depending on the type of job, unfortunately they are more common for those working in the construction industry, due to the nature of the job. Just like other career paths those that are construction workers are eligible for workers comp.

Construction companies are required to meet specific safety standards put into place by OSHA.

Employee Rights Under OSHA

OSHA gives employees many rights and responsibilities, including the right to:

  • Review copies of appropriate standards, rules, regulations, and requirements that the employer should have available at the workplace.
  • Have access to relevant employee exposure and medical records.
  • Request the OSHA area director to inspect their workplace if they believe there are hazardous conditions or violations of standards and have an authorized employee representative accompany the OSHA compliance officer during the inspection tour.
  • Receive a copy of tests done to find hazards in the workplace.
  • Have their names withheld from their employer, upon request to OSHA, if they sign and file a written complaint.
  • Be free of any discriminatory or retaliatory action taken by their employer as a result of any OSHA complaint.
  • Review records of work-related injuries and illnesses.

If you or a loved one has suffered an onsite job injury, either relating to the company not following OSHA standards or other wise please give our offices a call today.

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