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Winter weather is closely upon us, which brings with it the potential for severe weather and dangerous road conditions. 

Make sure you are subscribed to weather service announcements, and are prepared to driving safely. Also, follow these winter driving tips below to stay prepared for the winter weather ahead, and stay safe!

  1. Check the Air Pressure of Your Tires: Tire pressure can significantly decrease with cold weather. Make sure you regularly check your tire pressure to ensure you are driving with the right amount of air in your tires.
  2. Drive Cautiously: When you do not respect dangerous winter weather driving conditions, you are more likely to lose control of your vehicle. Thus, staying alert and in control of your vehicle is the way to go! 
  3. Navigate Carefully Around Snowplows: Give any snowplow plenty of space to do their job- do not travel beside a snowplow because they make wide turns, overlap lanes and exit the road frequently. Also, stay visible to the snowplow driver by not following too closely behind them.
  4. Winter Emergency: If your brakes down for an extended period of time during severe winter weather, stay with your car and don’t overexert your energy. You can prepare for these emergencies by always carrying extra clothing, blankets, food and water in your car. In addition, make sure your gas tank is full when hitting the road. 

Winter weather is a time for drivers to be well-prepared for the road ahead. For additional tips of driving safely this winter, check out this list of tips from AAA. Happy winter, and safe travels from Kaiman & Crahan!

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