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School bus accidents pose a risk to not only the children on board but also nearby pedestrians and other vehicles. 

More than 23 million children rely on bus transportation to and from school each day. Bus drivers and the bus companies that employ them have a responsibility to maintain their vehicles and ensure safety standards are followed closely.

School-bus-related crash fatalities between 2011-2020 break down as follows:

  • 70%—occupants of other vehicles
  • 16%—pedestrians 
  • 5%—school bus passengers
  • 5%—school bus drivers
  • 3%—bicyclists

Of course, parents want to feel secure knowing that their child is in good hands while riding the bus. Buses carry many people at once, therefore the company and the bus driver bear the responsibility of keeping everyone safe on the road. 

What is Negligence?

Accidents involving pedestrians or other drivers are typically a result of negligence which may include:

  • Failing to maintain equipment properly Neglecting to properly maintain equipment 
  • Driving too fast
  • Not leaving enough space behind the vehicle in front or other negligent action

Who Can Be Held Liable

Plantiffs must be able to identify the at-fault party. Before filing a case, determine which of the following is responsible. 

  • Owner of the bus company
  • Bus driver
  • Repair company
  • Bus part manufacturer
  • Manager/Supervisor
  • Local government or state agency
  • Bus station property owner
  • Passengers or drivers of other vehicles

School Bus Accident Attorney in Kentuckiana

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