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Three ways doctors can reduce malpractice lawsuits

1. Clear consent from patient

Occasionally it happens that a doctor fails to receive clear consent from a patient prior to procedure. The doctor’s responsibility in this situation is to be clear with the patient risks of death or other side effects. The patient needs to be informed of these risks involved prior to the procedure.

2. Stay current on Standards and Training

It is important for physicians to be up-to-date with training, new developments in respective fields and changes in procedures and treatments. This may seem like a no but often physicians, like everyone else, get so busy they find themselves neglecting pieces of their practices.

3. Addressing each and every situation

Often, if the outcome of the procedure was less than desired, the physician may avoid patient. Physicians need to maintain a good bedside manner and temperament no matter outcome of the procedure.

While these tips may seem like common sense, from time to time it helps to have a reminder!

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