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Drunk driving has long been a serious issue lawmakers have been trying to tackle.

It comes with devastating outcomes that impact the lives of its innocent victims, with over 100,000 deaths a year in the U.S. 

If this statistic isn’t awful enough to stop you from driving while drunk, here are some potential consequences that can happen to a drunk driver.

Worsened Mental Health 

The driver will carry the trauma of the event for the rest of their life. Feelings of guilt for causing the accident, social isolation, and flashbacks can damage your mental well-being.

Difficulty Securing Employment

Background checks will reveal a DUI on your record and may prevent you from being called back following an interview. Also, you will have to schedule your job around court dates and jail time.

Suspended or Revoked License

You can have your license suspended or revoked if authorities deem it necessary. Alternatively, you may be given a hardship license that severely restricts your driving privileges.

Financial Loss

In addition to a fine of about a couple hundred dollars, you will have to pay for property damage and long-term medical care for the victim(s). You’ll also be responsible for paying court fees and lawyer fees. On average, the cost of a DUI can range from $13,000 to $27,000.

Every 28 seconds, a life is lost due to drunk driving. Seriously consider these repercussions before drinking and driving because you cannot undo the mistake of taking someone’s life. 

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