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As a union member, you benefit from protections you might not otherwise have. Due to you working in a potentially hazardous environment, these protections may come in handy, if you are injured on the job. If you are a construction worker, you need to know your rights. Below, we’ll go over your rights and what benefits you have if you become injured at your workplace.

Employer Responsibility

As a worker, your employer is responsible for ensuring that you aren’t working in dangerous conditions. Safety regulations should be in place to not only prevent injuries but to respond to them if they do occur. Employers are required to follow protocol set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) such as:

  • Providing proper training for the role in language that you can understand well.
  • Providing safety equipment and protective gear.
  • Ensuring tools and equipment are safe for normal use.
  • Allowing employees to report injuries to the government.
  • Providing a work environment free of toxic chemicals, fumes, or other harmful substances.

How Workers Comp Cases Differ for Union Members

Unions provide support for workers in some industries such as construction or manufacturing. Because you pay a fee to be a member of your union, you receive more support after getting injured. You’re more likely to secure a full settlement compared to non-union workers. Depending on your situation, you may also get benefits specifically from your union. Although your union is there to support and advocate for you, your union rep isn’t an attorney and therefore, can’t ensure that you will get the settlement you deserve. 

Injuries Employers Can Be Held Responsible for:

  • Burns, cuts, or broken bones due to work
  • Injuries due to defective equipment
  • Falling from a building or ladder
  • Being hit by a falling object
  • Aerial lift or crane injury

Talk with a Lawyer Experienced in Handling Construction Worker Injury Cases

Everyone deserves to know they are safe at work. Unions are created specifically to protect hard-working individuals at work. Employers are required to follow proper safety regulations, and a failure to do so may entitle you to compensation. 

Are you a construction worker in Kentucky who has been injured on the job? Not sure what your options are or what you are entitled to in your particular situation? The Kentucky construction injury attorneys at Kaiman and Crahan, will educate you on what your rights are and advise you on the best option that gives you the most compensation. Schedule your consultation online or by calling (502) 771-0741 today.


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