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PTSD resulting from a car accident is unfortunately very common, with 39.2% of car accident victims reporting devastating symptoms such as dissociation, intrusive memories, and fear of driving post-accident. While physical injuries may heal after some time, the mental and emotional toll from a collision can be a persistent struggle you live with for years to come. 

Common Symptoms

  • shock
  • anger
  • disbelief
  • fear or uneasiness
  • misplaced guilt
  • avoidance of reminders
  • depression or feelings of numbness

Healing from PTSD

Living with PTSD can be difficult, but not impossible. Fortunately, there are many different coping strategies you can try.

  • Routine – For a lot of people, having a solid routine is a dependable tool you can rely on to keep your body and mind busy. Routine helps your mind predict what is coming next and gives you structure.
  • Therapy – A therapist can help talk through any troublesome symptoms you may be having and be a steady form of support as you navigate life. They can help you figure out the best ways to cope and get your life back to normal after the event. 
  • Medication – Medication may be an option to help you manage feelings of anxiety or depression.
  • Social Support – Ask for a friend, partner, or family member to help you handle activities that you may struggle with.
  • Healthy Lifestyle – Exercise has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels and can produce amazing results for your overall wellbeing. In addition, adequate sleep and a balanced diet can lower your risk of having a flashback or anxious feelings.
  • Know Your Triggers – Awareness of what causes you problematic symptoms is crucial.  Know when you are starting to experience signs of anxiety or a flashback and seek a safe space such as a bathroom or a quiet room. 

Does PTSD Affect Your Claim?

Yes — Emotional suffering also counts as damages following a car crash. You can also seek compensation for damages related to lost time at work. Just because your injury may not be physical, does not make it any less valid. PTSD can be extremely difficult to navigate on your own while trying to return to your normal life. Luckily, you can count on the trusted attorneys at Kaiman & Crahan, PLLC to work on your behalf to build a case. 

Don’t suffer alone. Call the attorneys at Kaiman & Crahan, PLLC

Have you been involved in a car accident that has caused you to suffer from PTSD? Your pain is valid and you deserve to receive compensation for your compromised mental health. We are experienced car accident lawyers in the Louisville, Kentucky area and can help you reach a fair settlement for your emotional trauma. Contact us today at 502-771-0741.

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