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If you have been injured while on the job, you may qualify for workers compensation benefits. Workers compensation benefits cover any expenses related to your medical care and cover a portion of your lost wages.

To be eligible for workers compensation, there are three things you must do following a workplace injury:

  1. Notify Employer: After a workplace injury, notify your employer, and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Acting quickly is the best way to preserve evidence, and it will help your attorney build the strongest case possible for you.
  2. Prove Employment: Only those classified as ‘employees’ are eligible for workers compensation. An employment contract may be required to prove the injured worker is legally employed by the employer. Independent contractors, which generally includes consultants, freelancers, etc., do not qualify for compensatory benefits.
  3. Prove Injury is Work-Related: Once your have notified your employer and proven legal employment, you need to prove the injury is, in fact, work-related. Eligibility for benefits depends on when and where the injury occurred. Coverage is often available for injuries that occur during an employee’s working hours and/or while the employee is on company property. Additionally, the injury may take place while on work-related travel.

If you are still confused on whether or not you may qualify for workers compensation, seek legal counsel immediately.

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