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A mistake made by a medical professional can cost you time, money, and your mental and physical health- the injury may even lead you to be unable to work or to enjoy life fully. If you have suffered due to a physician’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation from the offending individual or responsible institution.

Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

As you consider taking legal action, avoid the following mistakes, which may hurt your case and prevent you from getting full compensation.

  1. Waiting too long to file

While it’s understandable you may need some time to recover from your injuries, time is of the essence when it comes to filing your case. You may also hope the ailment will improve on its own, but it’s imperative you seek a second opinion and obtain records of all your doctor visits.

  1. Settling quickly

The attorneys at Kaiman & Crahan are here to ensure you get the maximum benefits. An attorney can provide you with a proper assessment of the damages so you don’t end up settling for less than you deserve. Settling early outside of court may prevent you from having to pay court fees, but you also may miss out on receiving full compensation. It is best to hire an attorney to make the best judgment of your case.

  1. Not following doctor’s recommendations.

Failing to take your doctor’s advice can weigh against you in your case. If you don’t do as your physician has advised, it can be argued you’ve made the situation worse by not complying. Insurers can hold gaps in treatment against you. Even if they’ve made a mistake, showing you have followed orders correctly puts you in a better position.

  1. Sharing your situation on social media.

Any statements you make can (and will!) be used against you. Don’t broadcast the details of your case to any platform online, whether it be through a blog or Facebook post. Exercise caution when discussing legal matters with anyone, even friends or family.

  1. Going back to the same provider.

If you believe you have been wronged by your medical provider, do not continue to see her. You should consult another physician to get a second opinion, and seek a reputable attorney who can assess your case for a possible medical malpractice claim.

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