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Everyone is a pedestrian at some point, whether you’re walking to the movie theatre, browsing stores at a shopping center, or moseying around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, this fact does put you at some risk. Statistics show that 7,485 pedestrian deaths occurred in 2021—an increase of 12% from the previous year (Governor’s Highway Safety Association).

Unlike drivers or cyclists, pedestrians have no protection from collisions such as helmets which leaves them vulnerable to injury or even death. 

This is a distressing and unacceptable figure. In order to prevent pedestrian accidents, we must first look at some of the causes behind these accidents.

  1. Careless driving – This is a broad term that encompasses driver negligence including speeding, running red lights, or not looking before merging into traffic. 
  2. Distracted driving – Distracted driving may include texting while driving, applying makeup, or any other activity that takes attention away from the main task of driving.
  3. Poor visibility – Poor weather conditions, a pedestrian wearing dark clothing, lack of light during nighttime, bad headlights, and blinding headlights may all be reasons for poor visibility for the driver or pedestrian.
  4. Failing to yield to the right of way – Pedestrians and drivers must always obey the crossing signal. When a driver or pedestrian ignores this law they are putting themselves and the other party at risk. 
  5. Jaywalking – When a pedestrian is crossing the road without a signal, not at the crosswalk, or while there is traffic they are jaywalking.
  6. Impaired driving – A driver who is under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or both are adding an enormous amount of risk to the roadway. 
  7. Impaired pedestrian – An impaired pedestrian may not follow traffic signals or may stumble or fall into the roadway. 
  8. Sleepy driving – Similar to highway hypnosis, sleepy driving is a huge danger that happens when a driver has not gotten enough rest and may doze off while driving. 
  9. No sidewalks – Not all areas have the infrastructure to support pedestrian traffic. When there aren’t any sidewalks walking becomes riskier. 

According to the most recent data from the National Safety Council (NSC), pedestrian accidents were most likely to occur in urban areas (80%), on the open road (76%) versus at intersections, and during low light conditions (76%). 

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