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Summer provides more daylight and nice weather that has everyone wanting to be out-and-about.

Whether you’re taking a road trip, or just driving around town, summer can wear down your car. To ensure your car is running its best, follow these simple and easy tips!

  • Check your radiator. A properly running radiator allows your car to run efficiently!
  • Check the temperature of the air your car is putting out. An easy and quick way to check this is by sticking a thermometer through the air vent in your car. You can then compare this number to the temperature your car is showing on the dash to be sure your car is in fact getting cooled off properly.
  • Lastly, check your tire pressure. Over-inflation or under-inflation are BOTH dangerous, especially during extreme weather, such as summer heat.

Follow these three easy tips to get your car ready for the hot summer months and to keep you safe on the road.

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