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It is no secret that operating a motorcycle is different than driving a car. Additional skills, handling styles and heightened awareness are all things to account for when you drive a motorcycle.


  1. Check out these educational safety tips for any and all motorcycle riders:
    Always Wear a Helmet: Did you know that when a motorcyclist doesn’t wear a helmet, they are five times (5X) more likely to sustain a critical head injury? Wearing a helmet is one of the best things you can do to minimize head injury risk.
  2. Ride Sober and Awake: Do not drink and ride on your motorcycle. By doing so, you can cause major harm to yourself and others on the road. In addition, when you are riding while tired, it impairs your ability to act quickly. So, stay sober and awake!
  3. 4-Second Rule: When you are behind a motorcyclist, you should always maintain at least four (4) seconds in between your vehicle and the rider. You can do this by choosing an object beside the road (tree, sign, etc.) and count the seconds from when the rider passes vs. when you pass. The 4-second rule gives you the proper cushion to ensure adequate reaction time.
  4. Respect Mother Nature: This rule is for BOTH motorcyclists and drivers. Adjusting your driving/riding to meet road conditions of weather is highly important to staying safe. Rain, sleet or snow can cause hazardous road conditions, so riders and drivers need to ensure they are paying attention during these inclement conditions.
  5. Ride Defensively: It is a mistake to assume drivers can see you on the road, so you must ride defensively. You can do this by giving yourself plenty of room when making turns, being hyper aware when changing lanes, and always adhering to the speed limit.

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