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One of the biggest decisions you can make for your or your loved one is selecting the right nursing home. Of course you want one that will provide the highest standard of care and comfort. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and medical negligence are common and can be easy to miss. We’ve gathered some warning signs you should look out for when selecting a suitable assisted living facility.

  1. Poor reviews. One of the first things you should look for is their online reviews. Check Google, Facebook, or nursing home review sites to see what current residents and their families have to say.
  2. High COVID-19 infections and deaths. It is understandable to be concerned about contracting COVID and the risk of serious illness or death. Therefore, it is wise to ask what precautions the staff is taking to protect themselves and the residents, and how many residents have been infected or have died from COVID.
  3. Unsanitary conditions. Are the residents’ rooms filthy or cluttered? This is a sign they aren’t being looked after properly, and you should likely not move your loved one in here. Overflowing trash, unmade beds, and clothes all over the floors are a bad sign.
  4. Long response times. Residents shouldn’t have to wait unreasonable amounts of time for their requests or needs to be met. Unanswered call lights or residents that are complaining should be taken seriously.
  5. High turnover. Look out for signs of a staff shortage such as residents waiting long periods to be transported to their rooms. High turnover may affect the quality of care provided to residents. Ask how many staff members they have and how many residents they have aka their resident to staff ratio.
  6. Not a lot of activity. A nursing home shouldn’t be a dark, depressing place. There should be plenty of fun activities to engage in and the facility should encourage residents to stimulate their minds and bodies, whether it be through weekly Zumba classes or poker nights.
  7. Disrespectful staff. Staff that treats the residents poorly is a major concern. Staff members who have a poor attitude or who seem burned out and agitated can be a hindrance to the well-being of residents.
  8. Unresponsive or lethargic residents. If there are many residents who appear unresponsive it could be caused by the overprescription of antipsychotic medications to curb symptoms of dementia.

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