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Working on a construction site can be dangerous, but, fortunately, the majority of accidents in these environments are completely avoidable with the correct knowledge, training and resources. Here’s some common types of construction site accidents, and how to avoid them.


  1. Trips or Slips: This is the most common accident in any workplace. Things like loose cables, holes, and other objects can be difficult to see on-site, which can lead to serious injury from slipping or falling. By picking up debris on the site, and clearing walkways properly, injuries caused by slips and trips can be reduced and prevented at construction sites.
  2. Falling from Heights: This type of injury includes falling off ladders, buildings, scaffolds, roofs, etc. Often times these objects aren’t secured correctly and can cause risk of broken bones, fractures, back injuries, and more. Ensuring the object is secured and stable before stepping on to it can prevent falling and injury.
  3. Objects Falling from Overhead: As workers are carrying or cleaning things from above ground-level, there’s always a risk of people accidentally dropping items. This is especially true if communication between workers is poor. These types of accidents can be prevented by creating a solid communication plan among workers.
  4. Malfunction of Equipment: Equipment malfunctioning can be a serious issue on construction sites. These types of injuries and accidents can be avoided by regularly checking and testing equipment, and keeping current with repairs on job site tools.
  5. Vehicle Accidents: A collision between a vehicle and a person, or a vehicle and vehicle, can lead to serious injury or could even be fatal. By watching out for other vehicles and people on site, these types of injuries can be prevented. In addition, having a schedule for which vehicles will be where and at what time can prevent injuries.

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