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In 2020, nearly half of 18,000 Americans injured in tip-over accidents were children. A tip-over injury occurs when a piece of furniture such as a TV, dresser, or appliance falls and hurts someone.

Although emergency visits related to furniture tip-overs are declining, this often preventable accident still causes thousands of deaths and injuries every year.

Children are especially vulnerable to these accidents due to their small stature; however, measures can be taken to ensure their safety around furniture. 

A couple of the ways children are hurt include trying to climb furniture, using drawers or shelves to get up, and attempting to reach objects on top of furnishings. 

Prevention is Key

Parents who consider the risk of furniture injuring their children may wonder what they should do to prevent this from happening. 

The main prevention tactic is to anchor furnishings to keep them from tipping over. Anchoring involves securing furniture or TV to the wall. Even if the child attempts to climb the furniture, the weight will be more balanced and less likely to fall over. 

Anti-tip kits are often cheap and quick to install. You can find them online or at hardware or furniture stores. 

Another way to reduce risk is to reduce temptation. Keep furniture clear of objects they may take an interest in. You can also keep drawers locked so they can’t use them to climb, and keep heavy objects in rooms your child does not have access to. 

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