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Does Warmer Weather Cause More Car Accidents?

Spring is in full swing, and more people are getting out to enjoy the weather, the flowers, and the sunshine. Many people assume once winter and snow are over, the roadways become a much safer place to drive. Statistics show, however, there are more accidents in warmer weather.

While this may be surprising to most, there are actually a few easy-to-understand reasons why this is true. Even though there are no longer snow and ice threats, the spring and summer seasons provide a new set of hazards drivers need to know:

  • Increased traffic

More people tend to get out and about when the weather is nicer, so you may notice traffic increases, especially on the weekends.

Additionally, you may run into traffic during busy travel times, such as spring break, and during the summer months, when most people travel for a summer vacation.

  • Hazards & Obstructions

In addition to having more cars on the road, you can also expect to see more pedestrians and bike traffic. It is important to be aware of people traveling by foot or bicycle when you are driving this time of the year, and if you are a cyclist or pedestrian, always stay aware of your surroundings when traveling in high traffic areas. When there are more people on the road, there is a higher chance for accidents to happen.

Aside from dealing with more traffic on the roads and sidewalks, other hazards can include obstructed vision due to sun glare. One of the perks of spring and summer are longer days, but that leaves many of us driving to work or traveling in the evenings when the sun is rising or setting, which can cause a glare that makes it difficult to see what is around you.

In addition to sun glare, increased vegetation can make it difficult to see around sharp turns and in neighborhoods. It is important to be aware of these two risks and stay alert at all times when you are driving.

  • Construction

Lastly, longer days and warmer weather mean construction! Drivers should be especially cautious in construction zones, as these pose a high risk for accidents.

While you get out to enjoy the spring weather, keep in mind some of the hazards the season causes.

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