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Halloween Safety Tips

The Halloween season is here, which means fall festivals, costumes, and lots of candy! While it is a season of family fun, it is also important to keep in mind certain safety precautions. To keep your kiddos safe this Halloween season, be sure to follow these simple...

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Can You Recover Fully from a Traumatic Brain Injury?

While on your healing journey after an accident, it can be helpful to know what to expect. Media portrayal and misconceptions may make you think it isn’t likely to fully recover fully from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  However, the reality is full recovery is...

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When Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

An unexpected event can suddenly change your health and ability to function normally in society. All of a sudden, you have mounting medical bills but can’t work to pay for them. Healing from your injuries while trying to get your life back on track is difficult...

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Driving in the Dark Tips

Driving at any time has risks.  According to the National Safety Council, driving in the dark is even riskier—50% of traffic deaths happen between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. This is an alarming trend despite only one-quarter of driving happening at night. ...

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How Much Is the Average Settlement for a Head Injury?

Over 1.5 million people deal with traumatic brain injuries each year according to the CDC. Head injuries lead to around 80,000 to 90,000 life-long disabilities.  Because the brain is such a vital organ, many daily activities can be much more difficult and may require...

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Top Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Everyone is a pedestrian at some point, whether you’re walking to the movie theatre, browsing stores at a shopping center, or moseying around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, this fact does put you at some risk. Statistics show that 7,485 pedestrian deaths occurred in...

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Most Common Workplace Violations

According to Injury Facts, employers reported 2.1 million nonfatal injuries in 2020. Although this figure showcases a downward trend compared to 2019, these injuries are largely preventable.  A work injury that results from a lack of protection, training, or...

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What Is Highway Hypnosis?

Have you ever reached a destination without any recollection of your driving experience? Highway hypnosis is defined as driving while in a trance-like state. Familiar routes such as your daily commute to work or the grocery store may put you in this state without you...

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